Customer Care

STICKER CARE - Each sticker is printed on high quality, waterproof vinyl. They are durable enough to last through the dishwasher. They are also made to be fade resistant, so they can be kept outside in the sun without changing color. Due to their highly durable quality, they cannot be removed very easily after being stuck for a number of days. ​

SHIRT/SWEATSHIRT CARE - I hand make many of my shirts, but the remainder come from an outsourced shipping facility that utilizes DTG (digital printing method). Handmade shirts will arrive with a personalized care tag, and DTG shirts will come with a care instruction sheet. For best results, please wash shirts with like colors in warm water. Air dry or hang dry. ​

PRINT/POSTER CARE - My art prints are all printed with eco-friendly ink on high quality art paper. They are matte and brightly colored. They are not water proof or water resistant, and may fade slightly in color if directly exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. My best recommendation is to keep prints in a glass or plastic frame. Some of my prints and posters will have recommended frames listed on their product page.

Privacy & Safety

Your privacy is very important to me. I do not share your data with any third party companies or corporations. You may opt in to receive additional information about my business, but you will be able to unsubscribe at any time. Although I link to some third party companies on this website, they are completely separate from my business, and I am not receiving any compensation from them. ​

For more information on my privacy policies, visit the privacy policy page.

Wholesale Inquiries

For more information on wholesale purchasing of my products, please visit my wholesale page. ​